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Why DDC?

Join a group of experienced and accomplished educators bringing innovative, hands-on education to the young bright minds of China. Dive into a new culture, make connections, and form memories. Past teachers find the relationships they built in the classroom just as memorable as standing on the Great Wall or exploring the Forbidden City.


"There is no way to emphasize enough how thoughtful, accommodating, and generous the staff of DDC were in providing for our needs. Living for weeks in another culture requires a lot of flexibility and compromise. However, the staff sought to make our stay as comfortable and delightful as possible, and it was!"

- Dr. Linda Robinson (Raleigh, NC) 


 "... the camp was a wonderful experience for both students and teachers. I could tell that the students truly enjoyed the camps and gained a lot from the experience. The children were a delight to teach, and the DDC staff were extremely helpful and accommodating. I look forward to coming back next summer!"

-Joy Pryde-Haskins (Fairfax County Schools, VA)


"It was a valuable experience for me, and I appreciated the opportunity to work in Beijing with some wonderful teachers, administrators, and students. The people, the facilities, the good will, the new culture, and the new methodology for the students are things to celebrate."

-Teresa Milden (Vancouver, BC)



From travel arrangements to living in China, our FAQs likely have the answer to your questions about teaching at DDC.



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