Complementary Education: Combining the strengths of China's "Knowledge Teaching" with "Critical & Creative Thinking."


For the past five thousand years, learning in China has been based on rote memorization.  The Emperor did not want his subjects to think or to question; he wanted them to obey.  This is why Chinese students are sometimes called "stuffed ducks."  They learn a great deal, but little of it involves critical thinking or questioning.  In response to this legacy, DD Learning was founded in 2014.

Today, of course, rote memorization is increasingly dysfunctional in the preparation of young people for productive careers in a global economy in which all challenges are interdisciplinary, interconnected and international.  The purpose of DD Learning is to offer enrichment classes to talented youth in an effort to teach them how to think and to apply critical thinking skills to problem solving.  The founder of DD Learning believes that this process must begin as early as possible, and that age-appropriate problem-solving skills can be taught to children from a very young age.  

The goals of this school are to foster curiosity, a questioning mind and thinking skills in each student.  The content is less important than the approach, although the school’s primary emphasis to date has been on STEM courses.  The subject matter is the vehicle to introduce a new attitude about learning.  The students at each level learn how to think critically about a variety of topics.  The best outcome is for each student to be excited about this approach and to take back to their regular school a new, inquisitive, attitude about learning.  The goal is not to replace or subvert what they learn in their regular school, but to supplement and augment what they learn with new skills that will equip them to succeed in a fast-changing world.


Our Team

Anne Liu

Anne Liu is the founder and CEO of Diligence & Delight Learning Center. She previously worked in CITIC Private Equity Funds Management Co., Ltd., which is the leading alternative asset management company in China. 

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DDC Vice Principal


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